Global climatic change is understood to be mainly caused by increase in average atmospheric temperature because of human influence in emission of greenhouse gases, that have negative effects to the environment. One of the important efforts in mitigating climate change is to reduce carbon emissions and promote carbon sinks. Because of the diverse physical features, the Wazo hill quarry has a potential carbon stocking, however this potential is poorly known.  This study will describe land covers; identify potential carbon stocking areas; describe and map carbon stocking areas  and estimate biomass and carbon pool.  The method will consist remote sensing and surveys. Remote sensing will involve acquisition of satellite image or aerial photographs. Surveys will be undertaken to identify potential carbon stocking areas, where ten plots will be systematically placed for vegetation measurements to establish the biomass. Diameters and heights measurements will be used to calculate the tree biomass and carbon stock using the Fantallometrik Software. Comparisons for tree measurements among plots will be done using analysis of variance. A report on the study will be written for wider availability with publication in journals for wider dissemination. The information is expected to raise awareness on the importance of the quarry in carbon issues and promotion of carbon stocking and sequestering programs in the quarry.