The project aims at educating and raising public awareness on the biodiversity at quarries into being not only educative but also exciting and memorable to students and the community. The project will use the case of Wazo Hill Quarry, in Tanzania.

With targets of improving the quarry environment to make it more attractive and interesting for academic study tours, and also for students and their teachers to be more engaged and raise their interest in Biodiversity. It will also promote students participation in shaping and increasing the biodiversity in the Quarry by introducing a new adaptable specie and tree planting.

The project also aims at promoting innovation by linking green-energy technology and biodiversity which will boost creativity in students. 

To ensure the sustainability of the existing rehabilitation area projects in the Quarry by conducting biodiversity mapping, providing educational materials and documentaries, preserving species and showcasing the existing quarry’s biodiversity (museum), and networking/collaborating with other environmental activists/stakeholders.