This project aims at the reclamation of Safi limestone quarry by its rehabilitation into a natural pseudo-steppe. The goal is to restore and reinforce the overall ecological value of the disturbed site and its immediate surroundings by implementing an innovative ecological management strategy to rehabilitate certain habitats of the site in refugia for the biodiversity of the region. Our approach is to create and improve the quality of reception of certain habitats of the quarry, which are likely to host endemic and heritage species and to promote exchanges and connectivity, in terms of fauna exchanges between neighboring ecosystems. degraded by grazing and agriculture and mining. The goal is to make the quarry a refugium for the surrounding biodiversity by increasing the ecological services provided by the various habitats recreated on the site for the conservation of biodiversity. The overburden on the high walls will serve as resting and nesting sites for some birds and the boulders and scree will be converted into habitats for reptiles, including lizards and snakes.

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